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Re: [IP] Frozen Forever?

I have suffered from a frozen shoulder after a wild insulin reaction while 
on MDI. I went through months of PT and graduating exercises that used the 
'push it till it hurts then a little more' routine. This is how a typical 
exercise routine would go: First I started by using moist heat on my 
shoulder...have you tried that? Then some simple exercises to loosen things 
up before I would get into the more forceful exercising. I know the heat 
thing may be difficult at work but try it in the morning and evening. Even a 
moist towel heated in the microwave works. I would do these successive 
exercises 3-4 times a day. Within a year I have almost full movement 
regained. I do not do the exercises anymore unless I feel things getting 
tight again. Then I will do them for a week or so again....So far so good.
Sure hope things improve soon for you. :o)
......Carolyn...........Happily Pumping........4 months now! :o)

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