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[IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

In response to the frozen shoulder post, I was so happy to know someone else has
the same problem I've been going through.  I hurt my shoulder about 6 mos. ago.
and now have tendinitis of the rotator cuff.  This is such a painful ordeal, but
was happy to hear that the cortisone doesn't last that long, because I really hate
to go that route.  The workmen's comp ortho doctor suggested I take 800mg motrin
3xday.  My diabetic doc says if I do that, I will probably take my kidneys out!
It is very hard on the kidneys, so you all be aware, motrin or any
anti-inflammatory drug is hard on the kidneys, especially for diabetics.  I was
wondering, my workmen's comp doctor is trying to say this "frozen shoulder" is due
to diabetes as we can have joint problems.  I say it was from the repetitive
motion of picking up heavy mail buckets at work, and the irritation from the
computer all day.  Has anyone had this problem out of the blue without an injury?
Just curious.  I am on disability now due to carpal tunnel surgery on both hands,
and that was fun, especially with this bum shoulder!  I sure hate to go back to
work while this shoulder is so bad.  Thanks for listening!  Marilyn Gibson
(Pumping for 9 mos.)

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