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Re: [IP] Re: Question: 2 hr vs. 4 hr readings

Getting adjusted on my insulin pump was extremely difficult for me. When I 
tried to take a bolus that would result in a reading of 180 mg/dl at two 
hours after meals I would bottom out hard by four hours after a meal. After 
having a serious car accident while in an insulin reaction, I realized that I 
had to make some serious changes. My CDE recommended "Pumping Insulin: 
Everything In A Book For Successful Use Of An Insulin Pump. It has been a 
tremendous help. The book said that high bg is not the culprit, it is high bg 
over long periods of time. I now have a goal of a bg of 100 mg/dl five hours 
after eating. This has worked very well for me. I don't even check at two and 
four hours now. Obviously, this is not the answer for everyone, but I do 
recommend the book. It is enlightening and educational.

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