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[IP] Re: Question: 2 hr vs. 4 hr readings

> My old CDE looked at my bgs and went by my 4 hour readings (re: control)
b/c Humalog peaks at 2 hours and is done at 4 hours.
> example:  at 9:20 I ate 32 g carbs and bolused 2.0 units Humalog.  at
11:20 I was 192, at 1:02, I was 125.
> My new CDE looks at my bgs going by my 2 hr readings, and is making
adjustments to my bolus ratio based on these.  Won't I start crashing by
changing my bolus from 15:1 to 10:1, particularly in hrs. 3 & 4?
> Any suggestions?

Here's something you might consider: make a smaller change in the bolus
ratio and take your bolus 15-20 min. before eating.

I frequently had a problem with high bgs 2hr after breakfast and lows before
lunch. By experimenting, I found out a couple of things. One was that the
food seems to digest quickly first thing in the morning so giving the
humalog a little time to get working helps. Also, though, I had to deal with
a dawn phenomenon that kicks in when a get up. When I compensated for this,
I had to decrease my bolus ratio. I ended up taking about the same amount of
insulin for breakfast but the different timing has helped alot.


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