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[IP] Diet Rite soda

I've tried the Diet Rite soda...it tastes really good!  I wanted to let you 
know that in case your grocery store only carries the Diet Rite cola, there 
are other types of it you can get.  I like the Raspberry, they also have a 
Pink Grapefruit Diet Rite, I don't care for it but you may.  Kelly

>Have you tried the new Diet Rite soda made with Splenda?  I have been 
>"off">of soda for years because of increased migraines with aspartame - and 
>though>it's not a nutritional loss for my body, I'm sure, I miss soda!  So, 
>I tried>the new Diet Rite - and I like it, and it doesn't aggrevate my 
>headaches.>At first it was kind of hard to find, but now most of the 
>grocery stores>around us have it.  Tastes kind of like Diet Pepsi - my kids 
>think it has a>hint of Cheerwine to it, but I disagree, can't stand 

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