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RE: [IP] Donation of Old Pump to another

> Jean m Peterson <email @ redacted> wrote:

> What's the general opinion of the group??  This is a huge 
> ethics-legal-do
> what's right in your heart - be reasonable type question.  
> Please help me
> sort this out.  I know they want an answer soon, and I'm losing sleep
> over this.  By the way, my CDE is leaning against this idea.  

and then George Lovelace <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My understanding is that Michael and an attorney have drafted the 
> paperwork covering the legal liabilities of ownership and transfer 
> and that "used pumps" may be donated to Insulin-Pumpers.org!  It 
> may not be your local charity, but we all know that this is a good 
> cause which could use your support!

This seems like a good way to go.  One thing to remember in the 
United States, the pump may be sold only on the order of a physician 
(i.e., it's a prescription item).  I don't know the process by which 
this would work, but I think having that included in any legal documents
transferring ownership would have to include the physician's order.

Actually, I think donation to Insulin-Pumpers.org would is excellent.
Would that be a charitable donation for tax purposes?  How would the 
declared value be established?

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