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Re: [IP] Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Melissa Collins wrote:
>  I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid in
> January/February of 1999 (a surprise in itself because
> I show more symptoms of having a hypothyroid)

That ol' thyroid can surprise you. When I was diagnosed hypo, I was
having symptoms more suggestive of hyper, such as rapid hearbeat, oily
skin and hair, and nervousness.
> The reason I am mentioning this is because awhile back
> my old endo mentioned beginning radioactive iodine
> therapy.  How long does this treatment last?  How is
> this treatment done?  Do you feel any different during
> and after the treatment?  What effects did this
> treatment have on your glucose levels?  

My aunt had this treatment last year. I don't know about BG levels,
because she's not diabetic, but I do know that it took a while for her
thyroid to settle down, and the improvement in how she felt was gradual.
The treatment itself didn't seem to bother her at all. (She's 82 and
still going strong!)

Good luck! 

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