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Re: [IP] Question: 2 hr vs. 4 hr readings

In a message dated 4/13/00 9:15:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I think it is important for your doctor to know how Humalog works
 for you.  >>
    TOUCHE!! That statement sums up the approach we ALL need to take with our 
health care providers- i,.e. to make it abundantly clear that just because it 
"says so" somewhere doesn't mean it IS so in our particular case. "YMMV" 
reappears in so many of these e-mails precisely because "mileage DOES vary" & 
doctors need to acknowledge our ability to  know our own individualized 
scenario better than they..... and to be willing to "take a leap of faith" in 
non-life-threatening instances & allow us all the latitude to make some of 
these judgment calls.
   Melissa was admitted to the hospital with a bg of 146 back in 1992 (mainly 
because they kept us waiting so long in admissions that she hadn't eaten in 6 
hours!) and fortunately not in any distress, because I'd recognized the 
tell-tale signs very quickly. Nonetheless the resident kept insisting they 
HAD to hook her up to an IV because that was their standard protocol. Luckily 
for us, an assertive young nurse intervened & told the huffy doc that Melissa 
was traumatized enough just being hospitalized & that if they could spare her 
the added trauma of putting in an IV that wasn't needed, she damn well 
intended to do so...even if it meant she'd personally check on her all 
through the night! That incident became my personal "watershed" for no longer 
blindly following "doctors' directives" when they seemed inappropriate for us.

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom)
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