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Re: [IP] Re: Donation of Old Pump to another

My very first pump was bought by me through an ad in the newspaper. Not
much can go wrong with a pump.  If you have a release written and the
person is will to sign it then I don't believe you have anything to worry
My old pump is going to someone who needs it. I couldn;t stand to sit by
and watch them get worse while I have the privildge to have the availibility.
If you are not comfortable with this you can always donate the pump to a
medical society such as the Luke Society who provides supplies etc to third
world country. There is also a person on here who advocates for Russian
children in need.
I donate my meds I no longer use..this type of help is needed very much. It
would be sad for your pump to be thrown away., I believe if this is in your
heart then go with it..If you are not confortable with this then give it to
an organization who will give it to someone in another country. But in my
mind I feel I am obligated to help those in our country first who are
having problems.  Here in Atlanta we have a homeless population of over
20,000 people. We have people living in Appalacian area who are poor..they
need help too..
I guess you have to do what your heart tells you too..
and let G-d take care of the rest. 
But this is just my opinion.
I just donated a wheelchair to Joni and Friends who fixes the chairs and
gives them to people who cannot afford a wheel chair..some people are in
this country some are in other countries..At least I know the chair is
being used for a good cause. And I would want my pumps to do the same once
I am gone from this earth.

At 08:32 PM 04/12/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a question for all the thinkers out there.  I recently upgraded
>from a MM 506 to a 508.  For whatever reason, Minimed allowed me to keep
>my 506. (My Doc and CDE think that because they are no longer

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