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RE: [IP] Big Babies

I don't really have alot of family background because I am only the second
generation to be born over here. I am German Jewish/ Swedish. And because
of my Jewishness background there may be alot of  inheretid health
problems. I was always sick as a child..
Now I still am and things are not good. But I am thankful for today's
technology and the ability for the docs to keep me comfortable. I weighed
in a 7.5 pounds and my sis weighed in 8.9 pounds which were pretty decent
weights for the 1940's...My mom has diabetes..
And they did nothing for her when she was PG. She miscarried her third but
we now know that had to do with the RH blood factor..for which there were
not shots for back then.
I still miss the "old" days. It was a good era for me..I had a happy life
in spite of my dad having to work 3 jobs to pay the medical bills because
life insurance we didn't have.
Anyway...I wish I did know about the health of my ancestors but back then
not much was even shared much less known.

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