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Re: [IP] no hip-hip hooray

Fran wrote:


>Oh well, it was a good try. We were all for giving Jason's abdomen a
>rest after using it since he began pumping in October. We helped Jason
>accept this new area by working him up to this change and he truly was a
>trooper right from the start. However, we began noticing that his
>insulin needs went up immediately and that is seemed that there was a
>time delay problem. It was like he was getting his boluses but the small
>amount of basal he received each hour were not getting absorbed as well.

This is not unusual for a site like the hip - I have similar problems with 
hip / butt sites. Others have exactly the same response in these areas as 
they do in their abdomen. A perfect example of YMMV.

If I'm not sitting on my butt all day, butt sites tend to work well. If I'm 
working around the house, bending and lifting stuff, the hip / butt sites 
absorb pretty well, but seem to deteriorate quicker than abdomen sites.


I think it's important to learn to use as many different sites as possible. 
If it takes some extra "tricks" to use an alternate site, so be it. The 
benefit is that the abdomen gets some well deserved rest. If Jason needs to 
use his pump for any length of time, he'll benefit from site rotation.

After some initial trial and error, I learned that my hip / butt sites not 
only have the slowest absorption rate, but also don't last as long (I'm 
fairly thin, don't have a whole lot of extra sub cutaneous "real estate"). 
My legs absorb at unpredictable rates, so I don't use them (they are still 
quite muscular, finding soft tissue is difficult).

I deal with these differences by using temporary basal increases and 
changing these sites more frequently than I would abdominal sites. I also 
need to allow some added "lead time" for boluses, and can't expect BGs to 
drop as quickly as with abdominal sites. It's a trade I'm willing to make 
for giving my abdomen a rest.

Yes, sometimes these patterns throw me a curve, and these alternate sites 
absorb fast, last long and present no problems. It's diabetes, and I don't 
expect anything less than the unexpected <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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