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[IP] no hip-hip hooray

Hi everyone,

Oh well, it was a good try. We were all for giving Jason's abdomen a
rest after using it since he began pumping in October. We helped Jason
accept this new area by working him up to this change and he truly was a
trooper right from the start. However, we began noticing that his
insulin needs went up immediately and that is seemed that there was a
time delay problem. It was like he was getting his boluses but the small
amount of basal he received each hour were not getting absorbed as well.
He has a nice fatty hip and as I wrote before, I felt that the denser
fat attributed to this problem. Last night, after giving Jason more than
enough insulin to cover his 8:00 snack (b.s.170), his 11:00 number was
320 and we changed him back to the abdomen. Of course we had to change
his basals again for this area and he woke up at 115. All day his
numbers have been within range. Are there better places than the hip
that we can use?...Jason is very slow to accept change which is pretty
normal for a 7 year old.
We are disapppointed but ultimately we want what is best..... so the
belly it is.

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