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Re: [IP] Car Example...

In a message dated 4/12/00 1:45:05 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< when I have something wrong with me that could rob me of my sight, 
extremities or my life, you can bet I'm going to become as expert as possible 
and will question everything my doctor tells me. >>

Know something? My doctor never told me that DM could rob me of my sight, 
extremities or life. He just told me not to eat any sugar. Nor did the next 
doc, nor the next, nor the next. Even the doc I had to *tell* to put me on 
insulin didn't tell me about complications. All I knew for nine years was 
that I had DM and couldn't eat any sugar. You'd better believe that, once I 
was told about the complications (got myself to an endo after I still 
couldn't control BGs on insulin), I started reading everything I could get my 
hands on. But everybody isn't aware of what DM can do to you. Therefore, they 
are unaware that there are things they need to know and do. 

Could be a type 1/type 2 thing. I dunno. I've never been a type 1. Maybe type 
1s are always told that DM is dangerous and are send for education. It's been 
my experience that type 2s are generally treated as if they don't really have 
DM. If that's the attitude your doc has, why would you think otherwise? 

No. Wait. Maybe that argument won't hold. I know a young woman, clearly a 
type 1, who was DX'd about two years ago. Her doc had her on one shot of NPH 
a day and told her maybe she could eventually get off insulin altogether. 
Luckily, she got herself to an endo.

But, then, there's my neighbor who was DX'd with gestational DM, whose doc 
(another doc) told her she didn't have to test. (I told her she did, too, 
have to test, and she did.) But, then, another friend who goes to the same 
doc asked me if she'd have to test and I told her "yes." However, the doc 
told her she didn't have to, saying, "that's not for everyone." Although the 
doc had put her on an oral hypoglycemic med. She listened to her doc. I guess 
I have to test because I have DM so bad I take insulin. Whoops! I have it 
*real* bad! I wear a pump! 

Hmmmmm ... It's all so confusing ... 

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