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Re: [IP] Re: Donation of Old Pump to another

On 12 Apr 00, at 20:32, Jean m Peterson wrote:

> What's the general opinion of the group??  This is a huge ethics-legal-do
> what's right in your heart - be reasonable type question.  Please help me
> sort this out.  I know they want an answer soon, and I'm losing sleep
> over this.  By the way, my CDE is leaning against this idea.  

The CDE sounds like a "four or six shots a day and you're OK" type to not 
want to be helpful... I wonder what the CDE's objections are? I guess it's 
better to let someone suffer than to at least hold out some hope...  

As for the supplies question, that's between the Dr's office and the new 
pump user to work out.  The ethical issue you face is a question of tossing it 
in the trash or tossing it in the Dr's office for them to dispose of.  The 
legal question you should be working on is an agreement that you will give 
the old pump to the Dr's office and that you have no further claim nor 
liability for the pump, how it is used or other part in the matter.  Then the 
Dr's office can handle it and you're out of the legal picture...   

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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