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Re: [IP] Frozen Forever?

I injured my shoulder in an aerobics class.  I babied it (didn't move it in
ways that hurt to do) until I had a frozen shoulder that eventually
responded to exercises that the physical therapy people gave me to do.  They
were similar, but more structured, to your move it 'til it hurts strategy.

 It took close to a year and a half of exercises for about 15 minutes 3
times a day, and it often seemed that it would never get any better.  I also
had to modify some things about how I worked -- I use a computer all day and
changing to a trackball helped.  Bizarre as it seems, the repetitive mouse
motions were transferring themselves to my shoulder, and making it worse.

YMMV, as with everything else.  But it did help me eventually, and I avoided

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen

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