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Re: [IP] Never mind - I got Oprah's address and used it...

Me too!  Long time diabetic going to tell Opera all about it.  I used to test 
the diet coke with the strip of paper we used to test our urine.  I always 
got ticked off with the comment "Your so skinny Why do you need diet coke?"  
Of course that's when only a few people used the diet drinks.  I remember 
when in the beginning I used to take my own diet pop into a restaurant and 
sit right there and drink it.  If they said anything I would just say Do you 
serve diet drinks?  They finally got the message.
After fighting the battle for years and getting some of the worst tasting 
stuff you would ever want because they didn't know how to hook it up I 
finally changed to decaf coffee. Now all I have to worry about is getting 
regular instead of decaf and being awake all night.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years Pumping
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