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[IP] Re: Donation of Old Pump to another

I have a question for all the thinkers out there.  I recently upgraded
from a MM 506 to a 508.  For whatever reason, Minimed allowed me to keep
my 506. (My Doc and CDE think that because they are no longer
manufactured)  I told my Doc at the time that it was not something I
would use, could the office use it for "show and tell" for new pumpers to
get a feel for the equipment.  He thought about it for a while, then
mentioned he may have a use for it.  Turns out he has a patient who has
no insurance, but desperately needs a pump, and the two of them had been
trying all routes to get a pump.  Would I like to give mine to this
patient to use???

My immediate reaction was of course - look at the difference it made in
my life, I want to pass that on to someone else.  Then I chatted with my
CDE about it, and found out a little more - patient has no insurance, no
coverage for supplies,either, etc, etc.  I justified that by thinking
that detail is not my problem.   Then I started thinking about
LIABILITY!!!  Who's responsible if the pump goes bad or breaks?  I know
the warranty is void with transfer of ownership, so no free repairs
anymore.  Also, what if either patient doesn't know what's going on or
mistreats himself, then blames me for faulty equipment.  I voiced these
concerns to the Doc and CDE, and also talked to my boss and a lawyer
friend, who are both concerned about the liability issue, too.  We (Doc's
attorney) have drafted a "hold harmless" agreement for the other patient
to sign, which covers the Doc too.  I'm more comfortable now, but still
have doubts.

What's the general opinion of the group??  This is a huge ethics-legal-do
what's right in your heart - be reasonable type question.  Please help me
sort this out.  I know they want an answer soon, and I'm losing sleep
over this.  By the way, my CDE is leaning against this idea.  

Jean P - roommate of Mistie the wonder Kitty
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