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RE: [IP] Big Babies

Ok, my turn to break the big baby trend:

Of my siblings I was the smallest weight 6lbs 12oz, my bros where 7lbs 4oz
and 7lbs 8oz respectively.  I was diagnosed with type1 in 1980 the first in
the family.  My dad was diagnosed with type1 in 1886.  When my grandmother
died in 1987 we discovered that she had been adopted.  She never knew.  A
few weeks later a family contacted us trying to find my grandmother since
they thought she was their sister.  The family had a history of type1
including the woman who would have been my great grandmother.  She died not
long after giving birth to my grandmother.  So that must be the history huh?

But I was small at birth and my dad was too.

On the otherside, I don't have children...yet.  But my husbands family has
on history between 8-10lb babies a week early.  Ouch.  So odds are against
me huh?  Well I keep praying I will have a nice 6-7lber like my family does.
:)  My niece on my side was 6lb 3oz and my niece on hubbies side is 8lbs

-- Sherry
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