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[IP] Immunizations

Back in 1992, my endo shared the "latest" (his latest) theory with me - that
some people have a specific gene in their dna.  This gene affects the
auto-immune system.  They are pre-disposed to getting diabetes, but not all
do.  If I remember correctly, he said that after a viral infection, these
people may develop a secondary infection that attacks the islets in the
pancreas that produce insulin.  If the infection side wins (my mom always
talked about good cells and bad cells fighting each other when I was sick
LOL), the result is diabetes.  If the pancreas wins but is weakened,
diabetes may develop later.

Whether this is related to immunizations, I do not know.  I got diabetes
several months after multiple traumas to my system (mumps, lumps on the
head, black eyes, and a hole in my knee).  I guess our over-zealous bodies
just like to attack things - ourselves included.

This same gene is linked to rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, etc...the
endocrine diseases.

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