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[IP] Support info for kids of pumping parent

I am not a parent, but my 7 year old niece spends a
lot of time with me. We talked about the pump coming
in the mail and how it would improve my health. I let
her know I was a very fortunate person to be able to
have an amazing little computer to help me control the
diabetes (1 of the 80,000 or so in the USA). When it
arrived she helped me unpack the box and watched me
insert the first Tender. She even assisted in putting
everything together and handing me things. After
fighting the long doctor/insurance battle, I was so
excited to just start pumping that it seemed like

I had Disetronic send her a "Pumpy" stuffed animal (MM
has its own version as well) which she proceeded to
put under her shirt and bolus with beeps and all.
Drove her parents crazy and embarrassed them in
restaurants with that huge bust line for a 7 year old
(ha! ha!). She even wanted to know how to count carbs.
She thought it was cool to have a pump.  Even asked
for one when she grows up. 

I think it is important to make kids part of the
process. It would be very difficult to hurt a pump,
they are durable and designed to survive everyday
life. Letting kids touch and push the pump's buttons
makes it seem natural to them. I wish your friend the
best of luck in answering her children's questions.
Kids seem to come up with some tough ones.


>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:31:56 EDT
>From: "Carolyn Green" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Support info for kids of pumping parent
>Does anybody know of any support info that might be 
>available for children of a pumping parent?
>I have a friend who has been pumping for a month. She

>has two children ages .. has asked lots of questions 
>about the pump which 

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