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[IP] Pregnancy and diabetes/ Big Babies

Hi, Dee Dee and all--

I was diagnosed TI when I was about ten years old (1966 or 67), and my
children were born in 1980 and 1982.  I had never seen a blood glucose
monitor before my first pregnancy (much less an insulin pump!) so my
pregnancies are both long stories (with happy endings).  My children were
both born by C-section, which is another long story--when the doc said
having a C-section would improve my babies' odds of survival, I wasn't
going to argue.  I was already thumbing my nose at a previous doc who'd
told me not to have children at all.  (Remember, my kids were born eighteen
and nineteen years ago, so my choices were more limited than yours are
today.  At least I hope so!)  

For those of you who are following the birth weight thread:  Erin
(non-diabetic) weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces and Josh (diabetic) weighed 8
pounds, 2 ounces.  Erin was delivered a few weeks early (common practice at
the time), but Josh and the doctors disagreed about when he was "supposed"
to be born.  I went into labor the night before my scheduled C-section,
which was "supposed" to be 2-3 weeks early, and Josh wasn't waiting for the
ballgame to be over, either!  He was born at 8:00 p.m., and the home team
won the ballgame without the docs cheering them on.  (The docs had sons on
the team, so it was an important detail!)  I have absolutely NO idea what
my HA1c test results were for either pregnancy, or if I was even getting
those tests.  I WAS doing the best I could with what I (and my docs) knew
at the time.

Regarding the question about diabetics having children who also develop
diabetes:  At the time I was diagnosed, my family had no history of
diabetes as far back as we could trace records.  We believed for many years
that my diabetes was caused by a physical injury.  (I'd taken a couple of
spills shortly before my diagnosis and that seemed to be an easy
explanation for the doctor.)  None of my six "full" siblings or my two
"half" siblings have been diagnosed with any form of diabetes; none of my
nieces or nephews have been diagnosed.  However, my son was diagnosed at
the age of two in 1984, and one of my (male) cousin's daughter was
diagnosed shortly thereafter, and another (male) cousin's son was diagnosed
a couple of years later.....  Sheesh.   We have a definite family link to
diabetes now, and I was just in the right place at the right time to be
first in line for diagnosis.  We thought there was a clear father/daughter
(my dad to me), mother/son (me to Josh), father/daughter (my cousin to his
daughter) pattern, until the last two boys were diagnosed. Go figure!

:)  Doreen in Wyoming 
-Dee Dee wrote:

I am interested in hearing of everyones experience with their pregnancies and 
having type 1 diabetes.  How many of you that have diabetes have children 
that have gotten the disease as well?  ......  So that makes my children
have a 2% chance.  Has anyone else ever heard this?  I've also heard many
wives tales that mothers give it to sons and fathers pass it to
daughters????  I am the only person in my family that anyone knows of ever
having the disease for as long back as we can go.  There is no diabetes on
my husbands side either.
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