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[IP] mechanics, classical music, and folks....

Hey all -

Just my 2 cents worth here, of course!!! VBG  We are all raised differently,
in different homes, in different areas, with different parenting methods.
We grow up, go to different schools, get different degrees, listen to
different music, drive different cars, etc.  So it would stand to reason
that for every person out there who has been diagnosed with diabetes, who
has whole-heartedly done the research and knows their disease inside and
out, probably sees a different doc than they.  I feel very lucky in that
I've always had great support (for the most part) since I was dx'd at the
age of 4 - my parents taught me most of what I know about my disease, and
when I became an adult, I had a voracious appetite for more knowledge about
it.  Some folks don't question what their doc or car mechanic tells them -
they do what they're told, thinking they are doing the right thing to take
care of themselves - or their car.  I think some of us were told early on
about complications, etc.  The first time I heard (or for that matter hear)
the word 'complications' I would want to know more about it - I don't think
the fault necessarily lies with the person who's dealing with the disease -
I think some of it lays on the shoulders of the provider who is not up to
date, or doesn't have time to be.  And if you've always trusted your doc in
the past, and think that the care your doc is providing is adequate, you may
not have any reason to question the treatment, or for that matter research
it.  We all come from different walks of life, the only way we can help make
it better is by spreading the word and educating others.  I have many
friends who have thanked me for the information I've shared with them - a
good friends father is Type 2, same sort of situation where the doc gave him
some pills and said 'Take these.'  My friend knew from my 'preachings' that
he needed to be testing his levels, maybe seeing another doc, etc.   - which
he has.  He said he really had no reason to do so until he heard otherwise
from his daughter.  My humble opinion - whether you have a manual or not -
we all need some place to start,  some folks aren't given that kick to get
them rolling until they hear otherwise.
Dawn email @ redacted

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