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[IP] Who you are depends on where you were then...

 Anyone remember that great documentary?  It talks about where you are in 
your life is due to what was going on in the world when you were ages 2-10. 
  I have found it to be remarkably true.  We can't control the lives of 
others, and we can't judge them when they don't live up to our 
expectations.  The problems everyone is mentioning with people taking 
doctor's word as Gospel and not having enough "whatever" to research, ask, 
look at alternatives, etc., strikes home with me and I have to share 
this...  Sorry it is a long one.

My 87 year old father ( a farmer and a child of the depression, who has 
traveled the world several times over, yet still lives in the town he was 
born in - population 162) has a great deal of intellect, wisdom, and love 
of life (an engineer and a photographer).  When he began to have some heart 
problems, he balked and hollered at our insistence that he go to a 
specialist in Birmingham.  He liked his good friend and local internal 
physician.  My step mom and I just kept pushing and pushing, so finally he 
went.  The new doctor sees him quarterly and has him on several meds and he 
has come from a place of being afraid to leave the house cause of his 
"spells", to living a fairly active "normal" life.   But he is still mad at 
us and goes to see his doctor friend at any little thing.

Now, he is a bit of a baby when he isn't feeling well, and always calls us 
chillun' to tell us about his latest ailment.  He tells me about some new 
medicine he is now taking, I ask him what it is for, and, so help me, not 
once, in all my years of asking, has he ever known...he says, and I quote: 
"I don't know, he just told me to take them twice a day."   Now, this man 
who has wisdom and intellect grew up in time when doctors were king/gods in 
society.  My dad may be smart in many ways, but not in the ways of today's 
medical ways.

We all know to "surf the net", check out the latest research in whatever 
ailment is afflicting us.  Talk to other people about it.  This age of 
information started with Television in my growing up years - We got our 
first TV when I was about 8 (1949).   Now the majority of you on the list, 
grew up in the age of information and technology.  And we ask about 
everything.  Our differences have a great deal to do with when we grew up.

So, please don't think less of those who don't ask, won't ask, and don't 
seem to care enough to ask.  Even though you, like me, might want to scream 
at their lack of wanting to know more.  Usually, it is because that is way 
they were raised.
Just my humble opinion.
Bonnie Richardson

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