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Re: [IP] Re: testing diet sodas: shall we make it science?


I think there actually was a study done - wish I remembered when and where!!!!!!

The numbers 13%/17% stick in my head about percentage of drinks served as diet
when they weren't....

Keith Johnson wrote:

> Recently Bethany mentioned:
> > I sent a really long email to Dateline NBC this morning.  I also started my
> > own experiment, which may help us.  Every evening I visit 3 places that have
> > self serve fountain drinks.  (This was I can make sure that I am choosing
> > the "Diet" Selection.)  I test the sodas to see if they are actually Diet.
> > Of the 3 I went to last night - 1 was actually regular.  (I look rather
> > young so I tell them it is a science experiment for school.  I get a water
> > cup and get just a small sample of the soda.  I then get the store number
> > and address.)  This weekend I hope to canvas the Delray Boca Area. Then I
> > can submit this information as a follow up to the equerries I already sent.
> What a great project! Would it be worthwhile for the rest of us to consider
> doing the same in our communities? Think of the mounds of data we'd have if
> everyone did, say, half a dozen places.

Now is research on past studies done?

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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