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[IP] Shocking!!!! kinda long

I had an interesting experience the other day.  I work in the electronics
business.  The company that I work for developes control solutions for
manufacturing facilities, so occasionally I get to play with 3 phase 220
electricity.  I was sitting my lab working on an AC motor drive system when
I accidentally got my fingers on a hot post.  I had 220 flowing through me
for about a second.  Luckily, I was able to pull my hand away before it
killed me.  Stunned, I sat back in my chair, took a deep breath, and
proceeded to check my pulse.  My heart seemed to be beating and I thought to
myself, "ok, I'm alive."  About a minute had passed and I noticed that my
left hand was numb and I had some trouble moving my fingers.  Shortly
thereafter, my whole arm started to throb.  "Good," I thought, "My arm isn't
dead."  I WAS VERY, VERY LUCKY.  (What saved me was the fact that I had
taken all of the necessary precautions like removing my watch and wedding
ring and strapping in to a hign impedence mat. The mat took most of the
heat.) Two to three minutes had gone by now and my thoughts turned to my
pump.  I thought that it probably hadn't survived the ordeal.  Thankfully, I
was wrong.  It was in tact, delivering my basal, and hadn't lost it's
memory.  I ran a self test on it and it seemed to be ok.  Chaulk one up for
Minimed. What's weird is, I had taken a blood test shortly before I sat down
in the lab and it was around 180.  I tested again about 10 minutes after I
shocked myself and it was 90.  I thought it was bogus so I tested again and
sure enough, 90 again.  It had dropped by 50% in less than 30 minutes. 
Weird, it never does that for me.   

It's been a couple of days now and I haven't had problems my pump.  Here's
hopin' that it stays that way.  What's the moral of this story?  Be mindful
of your fingers when you find them in hot places and if you want to lower
your BG, bolus, don't grab 3 phase 220.  AVOID 22O AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU
PROBABLY KILL YOU!!! And just one more tidbit of info, the human heart can
stopped with 20 milliamps of current flowing through the body.  It's called
fibrillation or fibullation, not sure how it's spelled, and it means that
the electrical impulses in your heart are screwed up and it can't beat.  To
put 20mA into perspective, it probably takes about that much to run your TV

Happy to be alive,


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