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Taking charge for yourself (was RE: [IP] carb counting )

I agree that it's up to all of us to take charge for our own care.  Yes, our
endos will do the best they can for us, and yes, sometimes we do need to
trust their judgment.  But, we can also find out information for ourselves
and always question if we don't agree.  I don't follow anyone blindly, I
always look for myself.

I remember the days before meters became widely used.  In those days we did
urine testing, which I decided was pretty much a waste of time if you wanted
to know "now" what your bg was.  It was probably good for seeing a trend,
but bg testing is so much better for "now" and for trends.  In those days, I
went to the doctor every 3 months and had my blood checked 2 hours after
breakfast.  That's how the effectiveness of my treatment was judged.

My first thoughts when enquiring about a pump were:  "do I want to be
attached to this thing all the time?  Ewwwww what about that needle thing
being in you all the time? "  But after doing my research, and talking with
other pumpers here and in the different chat rooms, I've made my decision
that this is the best for me.  Now, if I had decided no, I didn't like the
idea of a pump, nothing would have changed my mind.  So..... I can't
criticize anyone who decides it's not for them, one treatment is not for
everyone.  We all need to decide for ourselves what we can deal with and
what we can live with.  No one can make that decision for us.

I only hope that I can get using this pump as soon as possible, I'm tired of
waiting (even though "it's only been 4 weeks"!)

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for approval....

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