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RE: [IP] carb counting

>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:11:25 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: RE: [IP] carb counting

>I don't buy your mechanic theory either. When I bought my car, it came
with an owners manual. The >first day I had the car, I read the manual.
There is nothing a mechanic can tell me that isn't in >that manual
concerning routine maintenance. If it breaks, I take it to dealership
because it is >under warranty. I find blind trust in anything or anyone can
be very dangerous.

I got a "manual" when I was in the hospital when I was diagnosed (7 months
ago).  It was all outdated info which didn't even cover Humalog.  The CDE
recommended an "updated" book which my husband ran out and bought and it
still was the standard rigid schedule continuous eating teaching.  I
borrowed about a dozen books from a type 1 guy at work, and they were all
the same.  It wasn't until I happened upon a book unlike all the others in
the bookstore that I learned there is another way, a way that doesn't
require 3 snacks a day and racing home to eat lunch by a certain time
because you are going to crash and eating the same amounts of carbs and
protein and fats every day, and gorging on food before running so as not to
go low and then getting stomach cramps.  Some people try to educate
themselves and I thought I was pretty good with all the books I had read
and the usenet groups I was following.  I am not surprised at the number of
intelligent people like the gentleman mentioned earlier who think they are
doing the right things.

We shouldn't have to become experts in everything that affects our lives,
that's what we pay people for.  Sure, we should be fairly knowledgable, and
we should at least know where to get a comprehensive manual from which to


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