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[IP] Still baloney

<snip>Here is another comparison:

I trust my car mechanic.  I know nothing about my car, or at least I don't
know as much as my mechanic.  I know that every 3 months my car needs an
change, the tires checked, and once a year my car needs to be inspected and
have all its fluids checked. My mechanic reminds me of this and I do it
without questioning.  In between visits I feed my car, I check its oil
and correct for highs or lows, and I keep it clean. If my mechanic never
tells me about other tests, treatments, etc about my car I would never
I also don't research much more about it because my mechanic so far hasn't
seemed to steer me wrong.

That's still baloney because....ultimately  when your engine locks up
because you forgot to change the oil it's still your fault.  That is your
car and you are responsible for it's up keep. Wether you know how a car
works or not.  When you buy a car you should atleast know how to take care
of it. Ignorance is not an excuse.  Now I've already said that I understand
that old time thinking that goes on . but still, it's no excuse or reason
to put the blame on anyone else but them selves.

Did any of you happen to read in the Forecast the letter a lady wrote
blaming a restaurant for her low when she came into it ready to eat and was
told there was a wait?  Then while still low DROVE to somewhere else to get
something to eat faster.  That incident was totally her fault yet she
wanted someone else to blame. 

 This thread could go on and on we all argue our sides both believing we
are right.  
So I believe that :

1. Yes, There are people out there that have grown to believe whatever
their doctor tells them to be the absolute way and not to question that.


 2. We are the ones that are ultimately responsible because we have to live
in our bodies not the doctor.


-Optimism is a cheerful frame of mind that enables a tea kettle to sing
though in hot water up to its nose.

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