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Re: [IP] dropping

> michael wrote:
> >  Were these standards developed for "regular" insulin given by 
> >  injection?? Lily quite commonly exceeds this rate by a bunch with 
> >  Humalog and an accelerated meal bolus.
> If Lily is high and is bolusing to lower it AND a dinner bolus at
> once, sure she will drop faster than 75 in an hour.


> ............ Hopefully she will time her bolus and her
> eating so, as she comes slamming down from the high, the food is
> also hitting and keeping her from freaking out the brain. and not
> inducing the liver to dump counter regulatory hormones

It has always worked well, never any overshoot problems, but she is 
very careful.

> Basically, if you are going to go by this in an herculean effort to
> avoid the rollercoaster, then YES, you will have to gently lower the
> high FIRST, approx 75 points per hour, BEFORE you bolus for
> food....delaying meals, 

She delays her meal until bg's hit about 180. The effort has never 
been "herculean", quite the contrary -- it has been very handy to do 

Sara you are right in pointing out that if you screw up, there will 
probably be a pretty significant zig zag.... maybe we've been lucky 
all this time.

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