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[IP] Re: Still in the honeymoon phase

Has anyone gone on the pump who still had some native insulin production left?  What sort of basals did you start off with?  
What has your experience been?

I was diagnosed with Type-1 two and a half years ago. My last c-peptide was .40.  My control has been excellent and pretty easy.  I wanted the flexibility of the pump and I want it in place when my own functioning finally drops out completely.

My son Anthony, 11 was diagnosed 5 years ago this coming Sept.  His c-peptide level is the same as yours....  .40.  His doctor said this is the reason his insulin needs are still very low for his height and weight.  He's 111 lbs. and his total intake of insulin is under 25 unites...basals & boluses combined.  Why his body is still producing insulin in beyond me.