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Re: [IP] Car Example...

>The first day I had the car, I read the manual. There is nothing a mechanic >can tell me that isn't in that manual concerning routine maintenance. If it >breaks, I take it to dealership because it is under warranty.

Not everyone's car came with a manual. Not everyone's car is under
warranty. Not everyone has the time, inclination, or ability to become
an expert in every single detail of life. If they did, there would be no
need for doctors, lawyers, accountants, dry cleaners, mechanics,
financial advisors, photocopier repair people, plumbers, architects...
Am I advocating you just go around believing everything anyone says to
you? Of course not. However, you can't go around checking every last
little thing. I have been told since I was a small child that drinking
bleach is bad for me, and drinking milk is good for me. Do I feel the
need to research this and find medical studies on it? Not particularly,
I trust that someone else has done that. Is this a small, contrived
example? of course. But now imagine that since you were an infant, you
had a doctor who told you mostly things that were true, like "don't
drink bleach" and "you have diabetes and need insulin" and "you should
monitor your blood sugars" and "your blood pressure is too high, we need
to put you on some medication", but also occasionally told you some
things that were not true, like "MDI is the best treatment for your
diabetes". You can't double check every last thing he tells you, and
maybe the things you happen to check are the things he got right. You
don't know which things you need to be checking, and if you've spent you
entire life this way, you may not know that you need to be double
checking anyway.
There is a big difference between knowingly, intentionally acting
irresponsibly, and not having been educated to know something better.
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