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[IP] dropping

michael wrote:
>  Were these standards developed for "regular" insulin given by 
>  injection?? Lily quite commonly exceeds this rate by a bunch with 
>  Humalog and an accelerated meal bolus.

Yes but that is the whole point of the "standard" hourly drop.  As I have 
explained before, if your body drops MORE than this (and YMMV), then the 
brain reacts to a rapidly dropping bg by telling the liver to turn up the 
glycagen and starting the rollercoaster.  Doesn't matter if the drop is 175 
to 100 or 375 to 300.  I htink Barbara's 75 is more realistic than my CDEs 

If Lily is high and is bolusing to lower it AND a dinner bolus at once, sure 
she will drop faster than 75 in an hour...I will too.  1 unit of H will lower 
me 75 points in 25 minutes....which is why timing is so important.  Hopefully 
she will time her bolus and her eating so, as she comes slamming down from 
the high, the food is also hitting and keeping her from freaking out the 
brain. and not inducing the liver to dump counter regulatory hormones

Basically, if you are going to go by this in an herculean effort to avoid the 
rollercoaster, then YES, you will have to gently lower the high FIRST, approx 
75 points per hour, BEFORE you bolus for food....delaying meals, but not 
taking the chance of too much inslinworking on not enough carbs which causes 
the liver dump


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