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Re: [IP] Pump and rough sports

<<<From: "Laura Loudermilk" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Pump and rough sports>>>

I am a diabetes educator who has a high school 
student age patient who I
would like to get on the pump, but he plays 
basketball, football and
baseball (pretty hard).... >>> he's
afraid that 1)the infusion sites would always get

torn up from his sliding , getting bumped
football / basketball.... and having to
deal with frequent disconnects during the games.>

My son Ryan who is 12 has been pumping for 1yr
and so far has done football (full contact),
wrestling, basketball, etc... Each sport is
different, but infusion sites have not gotten
torn up from sliding or bumping. for wrestling
meets, we scheduled site changes for that day and
took the set out before wrestling. Frequent
disconnects during games (football), are somewhat
challenging, but we find that it is well worth
the advantages of the pump. We live in
Michigan,and go to U of M, ped. endo dept. They
have 60+ kids on pumps, ranging in age from 6 to
18. Lots of the kids are into sports, and they
have LOTs of experience in figuring out different
situations. If you would like to contact them,
let me know, I'll get their email addy or phone
for you. -Rae

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