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[IP] reminiscing - again

>      I know a co-worker whose dad is type 1 diabetic. We were out to lunch
>      and I pulled out my meter and he was very interested in it. His dad
>      has had it since he was little and has just always got his blood
>      done at the doctors office.  HE doesn't own a meter. This confused me
>      and scared me. I thought a meter was pretty much standard equipment.
>      Brooke

How often does this dad go to the doctor is another question. I'm going back
a few years again, with MY experiences. I was hospitalized 5 times the first
2 years we were married ('60-'62) - therefore, my solution to that dilemma
was - don't see a doctor for the next 3 years. In the late '70s when I saw
my first home meter being used by a step-niece, I wanted nothing to do with
such a thing. Why on earth would I want to poke my own fingers? After all, a
shot a day was enough invasion to my own personal body.  When my feet burned
so bad I could hardly walk, due to neuropathy, and my endo wanted me to use
a pump, it took me a year to decide. I knew 2 young men who got pumps and
each gained 35#. Since I didn't care to lose my feet and figured I *could*
buy bigger clothes, I opted for a pump. Glory B, I lost 20# - due to my body
adjusting to more normal BGs - same with them; they needed the gain. But, I
had to do 4 BGs a day for a year before getting a pump. That was with
Visidex and Exactech strips - no meter. We read them by comparing to a color
chart. My conclusion was often compared to lab tests and I was pretty much
right on. As the endo said, if you're 20 points off, what are you going to
do about it anyway? I convinced my friend who has had DM 65 years as we type
to also do her own tests. Now we wouldn't have it any other way.

My point is, does the dad mentioned above see a doctor who knows about DM?
Does he even see a doctor? Some of *us* get stuck in a rut and want to
ignore someone caring for us which indicates something amiss. He needs some
up-to-date education.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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