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[IP] IP: Napping question

Ok.. so I'm learning new things all the time, and I'm curious if any of you 
have found this... and also to ask what you do when you take a nap during the 

I have had these persistent headaches for almost a month now, and I have now 
gone to my eye doc, happened to have my endocrinologist appt. the same day, 
and I'm heading to my PCP in a few hours.  But today was worse than usual so 
I woke up, checked in with work... tested etc. and came in ok for a morning 
at 139 ... had my breakfast of some low -fat chicken soup and a few saltines. 
 I bolused for them plus a half a unit to bring me closer to 100.  When I 
decided to close my eyes (this headache sure seems to be eye related...but 
they tell me its not) I tested at 88.  So I took a 1 and a half hour nap and 
now woke up at 209.  So my assumption is that my body does some major release 
of stored sugar the SECOND I fall asleep.  This happened last night too after 
work.  But that time I had been testing all afternoon and was hanging out at 
100 and then after all day staring at the computer (that's one idea of where 
the headaches are from) I took a TEN MINUTE nap.. then my boyfriend called 
and I didn't go back to sleep.  I tested a few minutes after waking and I was 
188 going to 213 in 45 minutes.  And pretty much I was sure my set was to 
blame as I continued to climb to 270 or so even after bolusing before dinner. 
 I was all prepared to take out my insulin pen after dinner, when FINALLY it 
started returning to normal.  I had had a very boring day of food, things 
that I eat regularly with no long term effects.  

What do you guys find when naps are in effect?  Im not the most active 
person, so a 1 hour or less lack of movement isn't any different than plenty 
of my days at work.


P.S. if anyone has ever had a persistent headache that seems to related to 
eye straing (yet the eye doctor tells you that you're FINE... please let me 
know ... I'd love to suggest things to my doc.)
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