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RE: [IP] carb counting

>I developed a liking for classsical music. My family was dirt poor. We ate
lots of ?
>beans, but I managed to have classical records and learned about the

Yes, but you brushed paths with classical music and liked it and researched
more about it.  What if classical music never ever crossed your path?  What
if today someone you were talking with said "I can't believe you were never
told about Classical music, Classical music is so much better then that
stuff you listen too. Classical music will make your life so much better.
Then again you've been listening to that other stuff so long maybe you
should stick with that since it works for you.  Why mess with it.

Sound familiar?  This is what finding out about the pump was for me.

Here is another comparison:

I trust my car mechanic.  I know nothing about my car, or at least I don't
know as much as my mechanic.  I know that every 3 months my car needs an oil
change, the tires checked, and once a year my car needs to be inspected and
have all its fluids checked. My mechanic reminds me of this and I do it
without questioning.  In between visits I feed my car, I check its oil level
and correct for highs or lows, and I keep it clean. If my mechanic never
tells me about other tests, treatments, etc about my car I would never know.
I also don't research much more about it because my mechanic so far hasn't
seemed to stear me wrong.

Sound familiar?  This is what diabetes treatment is for most people.

And as for not understanding how people could not know and not take care of
themselves, remember that they do think they are taking car of themselves.
I  am in the middle of watching my mother-in-law and my father, both
type-1s, look and my pump and think it isn't for them.  My mother-in-law
thinks I only got it because I want to get pregnant soon, not if I have
anything to do with it. :)  And my father doesn't like the idea of having to
sleep with it attached.  Or at least that is what he says.  Both have endos,
and both have mediocre care from them.  So why do you think I still
understand?  Because a year ago when I joined this list I was in their
situation, the difference was I was frustrated and needed to find something
different.  Like both of them I trusted my doctor, and I do trust my new
one, I just think things through more and ask questions if I don't
understand why.  My CDE has certainly stood through my grilling.  :)

-- Sherry 
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