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[IP] why I HATE infusion sets (long night!)

On Wednesday, April 12, 2000 amy m [email @ redacted]

> This is clearly NOT my week!
> I was 319 when I went to bed...467 at 2am, my mom gave
>me a shot (b/c we'd agreed on that knowing it may have

I know that when I began pumping (and at least every few years since then) one 
of things that I've been told is to change the site if blood sugars are over 
200 (I've heard 250 and 300 also).

There is some site related changes that happen when blood sugars are over 
'normal' for too long.  While once in a while one can leave the site in and 
acheive normal glucose, it is best to change site location when sugars are 
running high for a while.

The idea of changing out (flushing) the insulin in pump isn't a bad one 


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