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Re: [IP] carb counting

>There are bookstores, online for those who live in rural communities.
>Don't be afraid to be responsible for yourself.

You and I and people on this list know that it is important to be
responsible for yourself medically, but there are people out there who
don't know that. Many people were raised with the attitude that you
trust and believe in people like doctors, police, etc. These people
thought that they were being responsible. After all, they went for their
checkups twice a year, they did everything the doctors told them to do.
If you are raised with this sort of mentality, you never think to look
on-line or in books, because after all, you know nothing about the
people that wrote those books, you don't know their credentials, they
could be total wackos, but you KNOW your doctor. If you are raised to
think its normal to have severe hypos everyday, you don't know that
anything is wrong, you don't know that you need to look for help. Its
like Charisma said, you don't know what you don't know until someone
else realizes you don't know and tells you. Also, there are still some
communities so small, so rural, or so poor that people there do not have
access to the internet, and their public libraries do not have the
latest books.
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