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[IP] re: why I HATE infusion sets (long night!)

This is clearly NOT my week!
 I know I'd been on the higher side (150-180) b/c of
my period, which usually drops off, then yesterday the
never ending highs, which continued through the night.
I was 319 when I went to bed...467 at 2am, my mom gave
me a shot (b/c we'd agreed on that knowing it may have
been a set prob) and gosh! I can't exercise again this
am--I'm 420! I did another shot, with H and R, and am
strongly considering moving my infusion set just to
avoid the hassle of having to deal with any of this
with the nurse or clinic today (not in the mood to
hear it, like the highs are my fault or something)
 So, a shot did nothing either. I did have ketoens
last night but duh I drank like 10 sodas so they
disappeared, my bg now is 100 higher than last night,
but not *quite* as high as 2 am, my set is in my lower
abd. and my shots have been in legs this time
round...boy am I nauseous and thanking God I don't
have anything *too stressful* today at school (unlike
tomrrow:-() Anyhow, it may *just* be hormones, but god
I hope it's not geting back to my extreme
uncontrollable highs, there's no way I'm dealing ever
again with months of that!

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