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Re: [IP] why I HATE infusion sets

I really think it may be your hormones. Before I reached menopause and
right before and suring my period my BGs were all over the place..it was a
rollar coaster ride even with the pump..
I hope you feel better soon.

At 07:02 PM 04/11/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Ok, what a damn rough day!
> I ate so healthy..been high all day, start off
>skipping my morning jog b/c I am high. Bg starts
>coming down, eat a light breakafast, bolus, straight
>back high again, bolus 2x again, I come down to about
>170. eat a 15g cho lunch and next thing I'm
>280...whichh again comes down and goes right back
>up....ate dinner at 5, awent to work, now it's 10-pm i
>did NOT eat a thing, and i'm 320...yet my site is only
>2 days old, and it could NOT have possibly crimped..I
>refuse to move it, I'm moving sets daily, it is the
>lowest in my abdomen it's ever been but still, this is
> anyhow I thought i remembere dsomeone saying that he
>lower you are in your abdomen, insulin needs can go
>up? possibly double? mine have only int his site..but
>also i am on my period and for some reason think i'm
>getting an infectoin..who knows, but I hate when the
>insulin doesn't bring you down, and one week of no
>inf. set probs would be nice..>i still refuse to move
>this one, it's not a full 2 days old and i have over
>200 units left...
> grrrrrrr
> Amy
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