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Re: [IP] where is this high coming from?


If he's 464, you need to test him for ketones (if you haven't already) and
get some insulin in him to get his blood sugar down.  If I were doing it,
I'd probably give him a shot rather than mess around with the pump.  You
probably do need to change the site -- if he's gone from 90 to 464 on just
eating dinner, I'd say that was pretty conclusive that the insulin isn't
getting absorbed where the site is.

Also, did your doctor give you a scale to use according to how much (many?)
ketones he's testing at?  Ketones make you need noticably more insulin for
the same results, so I have a different ratio to give for no ketones,
moderate ketones, and high keytones.  For me, this is 1 u per 50 points I
need to go down with no ketones, 1 u per 35 points for moderate, and 1 u per
25 points for large.  HOWEVER, I'm an adult female who weighs considerably
more than Paddy, so this is not a scale you should use.  Do whatever your
doctor told you, but you're going to need to test a bunch tonight to make
sure it's working.

I'm afraid you're in for a long night tonight -- maybe tomorrow will go
better.  I wouldn't feel comfortable treating myself for a blood sugar that
high and then not getting up at least a couple of times during the night and
testing -- you don't want to crash him, but you do need to see that the
insulin is getting absorbed and that he isn't going too low.

I really don't think it could be the syrup, unless he was drinking it by the
quart and you were dosing by the cup.

Hope this helps.  Hang in there, and I hope tomorrow goes better for both of

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen

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