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[IP] glucagon and outdoor ed

thanks liz, ....I am still in process of sorting all of this stuff out.
will be hearing from one of the 'main' counselors by phone in a week.

also in contact with betsy on this list...whose daughter attended scout camp
last year.

since geneva has been dx'd...four years now...she has never passed out or
gone to hospital.  she is very sensitive to falling below 100.   never
gotten below 65.  I feel more comfortable massaging gel into gums than I do
the glucagon.  I have heard some horror stories about it.  (YMMV)

anyway...I guess I will send the kit that her school nurse has...just in

I will definitely do something about resetting basals for this week.  they
will be doing some hiking each day.  but nothing really drastic.  she gets
more lows from scootering around the neighborhood lately.

thanks again.....for concern.

any other opinions/advice about this first week solo on pump is appreciated.

> Please make sure she has a glucagon kit with her, just in case, and that
> her caretakers know how to use it.

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