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[IP] where is this high coming from?

Well, the doc gave me approval to FINALLY sleep through the night.
But wouldn't you know it ---Paddy's bg just came in as 464 and I have NO
IDEA why.
He has been running a slight fever on and off since Friday.  Nothing huge.
I am sure folks are heading to bed, but any ideas if someone is up?
I was so looking forward to sleeping.  I f I knew it was just a matter of a
site change, but I am not sure and we changed just this afternoon so I'd
hate to do it again so soon without any proof.
I POSSIBLY underdosed for the syrup(SF, but still 11 carbs per 1/4 cup) but
I can't be THAT much off.  Another idea is he was exercising TONS and was 90
at dinner, then maybe a rebound, but wouldn't basils stop that?
Might I just add..DRAT!!!!
Charisma :(

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