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[IP] Re: new pumps and cats

Hi Joni:

I've been pumping since Nov 99 and also live with cats. (4) Yep, they do like 
the tubing. I've had a couple of mishaps - naps w/cats, wake up to find a cat 
happily chewing away and once in the middle of the night, that one crawled 
under the covers to snuggle and found the tubing.  Both time, I just checked 
tubing w/tissue for leaks. If leaking you have to change the darn thing.

All the cats used to gather around when I did a set change waiting for the 
tubing to show, but now they don't even notice.  Mostly I try to be careful 
and not let the tubing be accessible to them.  

As far as them tearing a hole in the tubing by jumping in your lap - I 
haven't had a problem.

Good luck with pumping! 
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