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[IP] why I HATE infusion sets

Ok, what a damn rough day!
 I ate so healthy..been high all day, start off
skipping my morning jog b/c I am high. Bg starts
coming down, eat a light breakafast, bolus, straight
back high again, bolus 2x again, I come down to about
170. eat a 15g cho lunch and next thing I'm
280...whichh again comes down and goes right back
up....ate dinner at 5, awent to work, now it's 10-pm i
did NOT eat a thing, and i'm 320...yet my site is only
2 days old, and it could NOT have possibly crimped..I
refuse to move it, I'm moving sets daily, it is the
lowest in my abdomen it's ever been but still, this is
 anyhow I thought i remembere dsomeone saying that he
lower you are in your abdomen, insulin needs can go
up? possibly double? mine have only int his site..but
also i am on my period and for some reason think i'm
getting an infectoin..who knows, but I hate when the
insulin doesn't bring you down, and one week of no
inf. set probs would be nice..>i still refuse to move
this one, it's not a full 2 days old and i have over
200 units left...

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