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[IP] questions for "outdoor ed counselors" HELP

meeting in 45 min. with outdoor ed personnel...who will be in charge of
geneva for five days with her classmates/teachers/other 5th graders at a
camp type experience.

this is first time pumping away from home for longer than one night.  her
basals are pretty good now.  now major highs or lows.  but I am worried
about her being low due to daily hiking and activities.

I really don't want to get into the glucagon thing as she has never required
any emergency treatment.  very sensitive to lows.  glucose gel/cake icing
massaged in gums is about all I am ready to 'inform'.

but...should I be asking them to be responsible for testing her blood at
midnight?  or 11 pm?

what should I be discussing with them tonight?  I do not want to overwhelm
these folks with a pumper.  this is prob. their first.  they have had plenty
of IDDMers...so are familiar with MDI stuff.

sorry for last minute request...

ruth, mom to geneva, age 11 and about to embark on her first week solo on


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