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Re: [IP] new pumps and cats

My cats were very interested in the tubing at first - it looks like a
great pull toy to me!
They have stopped being interested at all with it now though.  Once it
became completely a part of 
me, they forgot about it.  My older kitty is quite the watch"dog"
however.  She is very 
astute about the alarms or beeping.  She has woke me up several times at
night when
I didn't hear the alarm, and is very persistant about my getting up when
it does beep.  She
has gone so far as to drag my pump, beeping because we were empty, into
the bathroom
by the tube while I was showering.  I know I will always be in good hands
with Mistie around.
My CDE is amazed at my stories. She's a great cat.  She does seem to know
when I'm running
low, too.  I guess I love my kitties.  The younger one seems to not even
notice.  Typical cat.
Jean P 

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:30:55 -0400 "Joni Spurlin" <email @ redacted>
>I started on my saline solution in the pump  training yesterday...when 
>I was in the bathroom last night, with the tube dangling a bit, my 
>cats were very interested 
>I was worried about if they would take a quick bite?  or maybe when 
>jump in my lap their claws would put a small puncture hole in the 
>tubing.... would I be able to tell?
>has this happended to anyone?  could I tell if tubing got a small 
>I have three cats that like to be attached to me at all times!
>ps I named my pump charlie - because that is what he said his name 
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