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Re: [IP] carb counting (was not eating--just 'cause)

I for years was seeing a GP for my diabetes.  My Diabetic Doctor had a hard
attack and I just never found another.  I have always tried to go to a
Diabetic Educator every 3 to 5 years.  I went the last time last July
because I wanted to see if there was anything new in Diabetic care.  When I
heard of Humalog insulin, I new this was the ticket for me.  I called our GP
and told him I wanted to get on Humalog.  He thought it would be a wonderful
Idea but he really did not have a clue how to do it.  (This is the problem
with using a GP in a small Iowa town.)  He set me up with an EDO, who was
not available, so I saw one of the Edo's CDE's who started me on Humalog.
She told me that you had to count Carbs to benefit from the Humalog fully so
I started to count carbs.  This was September 9th, 99.  At the Diabetic
class I got phone numbers for MM and Distronics   and I called for pump
info. by the 1st of October I realized the Humalog was great but I didn't
want to take all the extra shots so I told her I wanted to get a pump.
Around the last week of November I started to think that it would not happen
by the end of December so I got involved daily with multiple phone calls to
insurance company taking names and recording what was needed.  It took one
week of this to have the pump delivered to my office.  Since I started the
process I did meet my Endo once since he was writing the needs letter but
have only talked with the CDE since.  He does a great job using his nursing
staff to educate Diabetics.

What I am trying to say is you have to keep informed about Diabetes and what
is happening or you will still be following the same 25 year old treatment
rather than the newer Ideas that are coming forward.  If I had not taken the
class I would still be on NPH and Regular twice a day and having multiple
night time reactions.  Also eating probably 3 extra fruit exchanges and 2
extra starch exchanges to cover snacks.

Tom Carlson

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  It seems that every step in improvement of
>treatment (carb counting, switch to Lente, pump, getting my old endo to ok
>taking humalog at lunch instead of relying on a higher NPH dose, etc) is
>one I have had to initiate myself.  You just have to do your own research
>and push for it yourself.  To think of the many people out there who are
>just going along with old treatment plans that are being fed to them by
>caregivers who don't bother to get up on the latest stuff.
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send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml