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Re: [IP] rude comments and an ER visit

Hi all
well I had my own rude comment made today to me during a severe low.
first let me say that i have now had my share of having my reservoir
fall out of my pump and accidentally injected 25 units of humalog.  not
fun!!!  i ended up eating like no tomorrow and still could not get my
bgs above 41.  finally gave in and went to the ER at the hospital where
both my wife and i work.  i was given dextrose to bring it up and it
still only rose to 117 after 2 hours.  it worked though.  now for the
rude comment.  prior to going to ER my wife and i went to eat at break
when my sugars were 31 and a fellow employee from my shop made a snide
remark that he'll be ok when she went to the cashier around him so she
could get my food to me before i had real problems.  when i confronted
him he acted as though it were no big deal.  really aggravated me.  this
same guy said when he was first hired "is this all really necessary"
when i was testing.  he is a real problem in our shop and i am
considering filing a complaint against him for his remarks.  anyone got
any suggestions on how to handle this?  i would appreciate it.  i am
tired of being treated as if i am not "normal" by him and others.
thanks alot and sorry for the long post.

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