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Re: [IP] new pumps and cats

In a message dated 04/11/2000 10:16:03 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I was worried about if they would take a quick bite?  or maybe when jump 
in my lap their claws would put a small puncture hole in the tubing.... would 
I be able to tell? 
 has this happended to anyone?  could I tell if tubing got a small hole? >>

I have four kitties and have been pumping 4 years.  Only one of them was 
attracted to the tubing and seemed to like to chew on it if he got a chance.  
He chewed thru it one night when he was a kitten, it was summer and I was 
sleeping without sheets and pump "floating free" next to me.  Since then I've 
learned to at least put a sheet on and tuck in my tubing when sleeping.  I 
also had to hide my pump under my towel when I took a shower so he wouldn't 
attack it.  The other three kitties couldn't care less.  And yes, you can 
tell right away if you have a leak by your bg, or the wettness, or the stink 
of the insulin.

Good luck,
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